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Elegant Ebony


This one is for the person that stands out from the crowd. It is like no other watch out there. If you want to be unique then this timepiece is just for you. Made from the finest Ebony wood from Indonesia and finished off with a midnight navy blue face just to make you stand out. It is also one of the only square wood watches you will find. This one will only be made in small quantities to keep things exclusive.

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Gunning Wallnut


Our customer have spoken and we have listened. This is our most robust watch to date. For everyday wear. The Casing is made from slim titanium with beautiful real Wallnut wood strap and face. What more can you ask for. The accents are all in gunmetal black and makes this watch one you can wear to any occasion anytime. This watch pairs exceptionally well with our Diamond Rose ladies watch.

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Forever Leather


We partnered up to get the best raw leather and added it to our unique Maple ladies watch design. Add to this the elegant face design this watch can be worn for any occasion and is sure to make you stand out of the crowed. The leather strap covers the entire carriage of the watch case to ensure the most comfortable watch on the market. This is uniquely South African watch and can not be found anywhere else.

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Maple Rose


This is our most advance ladies watch to date. Beautifully hand crafted from Maple Wood with a beautiful rose gold face to make this one irresistible. And its not just a pretty face. The Maple Rose has 3 embedded small dials to give you the day, date and time of day. All you need and more. Unique has a new face!

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